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Tensile and compressive properties of aisi 304l stainless steel subjected to equal channel angular pressing
S. qu ; C. x. huang ; Y. l. gao ; G. yang ; S. d. wu ; Q. s. zang ; Z. f. zhang
SourceMaterials science and engineering a-structural materials properties microstructure and processing
KeywordAisi 304l stainless steel Equal channel angular pressing (ecap) Compression Tension Mechanical properties Fracture modes Severe plastic-deformation Large-strain deformation Bulk Metallic-glass Mechanical-properties Grain-refinement Tension/compression asymmetry Ti alloy Pure ti Al Microstructures
AbstractThe present work investigated the compressive and tensile properties of aisi 304l austenitic stainless steel subjected to equal channel angular pressing (ecap) at high temperature (700 degrees c). tensile and compressive strength, elongation, vickers hardness and fracture mode of annealed and ecaped material were systematically compared. it is found that with increasing the number of ecap passes the tensile strength and hardness increase, however, the elongation and strain hardening rate decrease. the compressive yield strength and strain hardening rate displayed obvious anisotropy when the ecaped austenitic stainless steel was compressed along different orientations. the tensile fracture mode was changed from the ductile to brittle feature with increasing the number of ecap passes. accordingly, the ecaped steel exhibited apparent asymmetry in tensile and compressive properties. besides, the relationship between strength and vickers hardness was established. based on the results above, the corresponding deformation and fracture mechanisms were discussed. (c) 2007 published by elsevier b.v.
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Available Date2012-04-13