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Direct reduction of graphene oxide films into highly conductive and flexible graphene films by hydrohalic acids
S. f. pei ; J. p. zhao ; J. h. du ; W. c. ren ; H. m. cheng
KeywordExfoliated graphite oxide Transparent conductors Charge-transfer Carbon Route Paper
AbstractWe report a simple but highly-effective hydrohalic acid reducing method to reduce graphene oxide (go) films into highly conductive graphene films without destroying their integrity and flexibility at low temperature based on the nucleophilic substitution reaction. go films reduced for 1 h at 100 degrees c in 55% hydroiodic (hi) acid have an electrical conductivity as high as 298 s/cm and a c/o ratio above 12, both of which are much higher than films reduced by other chemical methods. the reduction maintains good integrity and flexibility, and even improves the strength and ductility, of the original go films. based on this reducing method, a flexible graphene-based transparent conductive film with a sheet resistance of 1.6 k omega/sq and 85% transparency was obtained, further verifying the advantage of hi acid reduction. (c) 2010 elsevier ltd. all rights reserved.
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Available Date2012-04-13