Suspended graded-index porous core pof for ultra-flat near-zero dispersion terahertz transmission
Zhang, yani1,7; Huang, xiangsheng2; He, zhengquan7; Zhang, xiaodong6,7; Zhu, yuanfeng3,4; Ma, tian5; Wang, lili7; Kong, depeng7; Mei, sen6,7
SourceOptical fiber technology
English AbstractA suspended graded-index porous core polymer optical fiber (pof) for low-dispersion terahertz guidance is proposed. this fiber is consisting of a graded-index porous core, five spoke-like dielectric supporting strips and an outer material ring. the finite element method (fem) with perfectly matched layer boundary conditions is used to simulate the guiding properties. it is found that by creating artificial graded-index in the porous core, an extremely flat group velocity dispersion (gvd) of 0.14 ± 0.07 ps/(thz·cm) is achieved in the range of 0.71–0.95 thz when fiber core diameter is 432 μm and the air porosity is 44%. meanwhile, the fiber shows low and flat intermodal dispersion of 0.0152 ± 0.0004 ps/(thz·cm) at 0.8–1 thz under the same conditions. moreover, other optical parameters of the fiber such as confinement loss (cl), effective material loss (eml) and normalized frequency v are also investigated. © 2019 elsevier inc.
PublisherAcademic Press Inc.