A draft sequence of the rice genome (oryza sativa l. ssp indica)
Yu, j; Hu, sn; Wang, j; Wong, gks; Li, sg; Liu, b; Deng, yj; Dai, l; Zhou, y; Zhang, xq; Cao, ml; Liu, j; Sun, jd; Tang, jb; Chen, yj; Huang, xb; Lin, w; Ye, c; Tong, w; Cong, lj; Geng, jn; Han, yj; Li, l; Li, w; Hu, gq; Huang, xg; Li, wj; Li, j; Liu, zw; Liu, jp; Qi, qh; Liu, js; Li, t; Wang, xg; Lu, h; Wu, tt; Zhu, m; Ni, px; Han, h; Dong, w; Ren, xy; Feng, xl; Cui, p; Li, xr; Wang, h; Xu, x; Zhai, wx; Xu, z; Zhang, js; He, sj; Zhang, jg; Xu, jc; Zhang, kl; Zheng, xw; Dong, jh; Zeng, wy; Tao, l; Ye, j; Tan, j; Ren, xd; Chen, xw; He, j; Liu, df; Tian, w; Tian, cg; Xia, hg; Bao, qy; Li, g; Gao, h; Cao, t; Zhao, wm; Li, p; Chen, w; Wang, xd; Zhang, y; Hu, jf; Liu, s; Yang, j; Zhang, gy; Xiong, yq; Li, zj; Mao, l; Zhou, cs; Zhu, z; Chen, rs; Hao, bl; Zheng, wm; Chen, sy; Guo, w; Li, gj; Liu, sq; Tao, m; Zhu, lh; Yuan, lp; Yang, hm; Yuan, lp , chinese acad sci, inst genet, beijing 100101, peoples r china.
KeywordTransposable elements Arabidopsis-thaliana Human genes Comparative genetics Biallelic markers Grass genomes Cpg islands Dna Plants Identification
English AbstractWe have produced a draft sequence of the rice genome for the most widely cultivated subspecies in china, oryza sativa l. ssp. indica, by whole-genome shotgun sequencing. the genome was 466 megabases in size, with an estimated 46,022 to 55,615 genes. functional coverage in the assembled sequences was 92.0%. about 42.2% of the genome was in exact 20-nucleotide oligomer repeats, and most of the transposons were in the intergenic regions between genes. although 80.6% of predicted arabidopsis thaliana genes had a homolog in rice, only 49.4% of predicted rice genes had a homolog in a. thaliana. the large proportion of rice genes with no recognizable homologs is due to a gradient in the gc-content of rice coding sequences.
WOS IDWos:000174858800038
Available Date2012-08-29